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Designers Original: A Woman's Guide to Understanding her self worth and Identity in God

Andria Thompson is a proud mother of three and a grandmother of one. She is a Certified Image Consultant, a minister, teacher, author, and online TV personality. Andria is passionate about life, and seeks to use her God-given gifts to serve her community. She has the heart to see women made whole, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. She is the founder of UR Woman Ministries, a ministry that seeks to promote positive self and body image in women and young girls.

Andria is currently the Global Coordinator for the Black Women Honours and Empowerment Queens Program. She is an activist, an ambassador for her community, and a voice for all women. Her message is clear: all women are uniquely beautiful queens, with an eternal crown.

Andria is also an ordained elder, and currently serves at Rhema Christian Ministries in Toronto, Canada, under the leadership of Pastors Orim M. and Judith Meikle


Social Media Contact:

Facebook: Andria Thompson

Twitter: @andriathompson

Linkedin: Andria Thompson

IG: amthompson43





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