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January 2019 Blogs

January 22nd, 2019






I am so excited for 2019 and all that God has in store for all of you!  Expectation always breeds miracles and I am one who loves to hear about the miracles that God is doing in your lives!


This year Soulful Image Magazine celebrates our 5 year anniversary!  We are excited that we are still here, growing, evolving, pressing and creating a space where you can be everything you desire to be.  We are a community of heart driven individuals who love God and has the heart to inspire, uplift and encourage everyone we encounter.  So thank you for supporting this platform.  Thank you for sharing this magazine with your friends and family.  Thank you for submitting your articles, referring amazing people in our community for us to feature, and for telling us your stories as well.  We love our community and we most definitely love you!



This year we are expanding our collaboration with Love Incs and adding an Inspirational King's Rising Event to recognise men doing amazing things in our community.  Stay tuned for the date and how you can nominate a man in your community.  We will be hosting a Summer Networking event and our 5 year Anniversary Celebration Bash!!!



Great collaborations will continue this year with Love Incs, Voices of the Nations, Jesus In The City, and CIFF Film Festival.  Look out for our workshops this year in our new workshops tab on our web header.  More community events and more opportunities to network and connect with faith-centered individuals in your community.



Overall, we are expecting this to be a successful year and again thank you for continuing to support and follow us on all social media platforms.  Keep in touch and don't forget to send all article submissions to



Sincerely Yours,



Tracey-Acadia Thomas

 January 28th, 2019









Start expecting God to give you what you have been praying for!

Many of you have been living in a place of doubt or not fully believing that you can have the things you have been praying for.  Faith is the manifestation of your belief.  If you don't believe how can you have it?  I know that I have struggled at times in this area myself.  I mean will God really change my relationships?  Will he heal me from health issues I have struggled with?  Will He really transform my finances? 


It is so easy to sit in a place of unbelief when you are going through many storms within your life.  However, consider this!  The storms of life are a place for you to receive what you need.  Don't you see that?  Without the storm you would have no reason to want or recieve God's best for your life.  And God wants you to be free and healed from the areas of your life that you have been praying for. 


Start expecting God to give you what you have been praying for and you will see a transformation like never before.  If you want to be healed start exercising and doing the things to manifest that healing.  If  you want to transform your relationships start communicating in a way that will bring light, love and compassion. If you want financial increase start taking actions that will bring that result.  The bottom line here is expectation brings action.  You will do something if you are expecting something.  You cannot sit and wait for magic to happen.  Magic is an illusion. It is not real.  God deals in truth.  Even His supernatural deals with something that is tangible and real.  Begin to see yourself doing what you need to do to manifest God's promises in your life.


Regardless of what you are praying for expect it.  But also know that it may not come the way you expect it, but if you seek Him and search for his answer you will receive it.  One of the ways I share with my ministry group is to journal your prayers and requests to track your success. That way when God answers, you will have a journal of testimonies to remind yourself of His faithfulness.  And anytime you feel doubt rising, or fear, or any thought that goes against your beliefs, read your victories over and over and begin thanking Him boldly in spirit and in truth. 


Your life experiences, your past victories are the fuel that will ignite your prayers and help you stand in the space for expecting God's goodness in your life.



Living a lifestyle of faith means believing God for everything that happens in your life when you give Him the authority to direct you.  Trust God with everything that happens.  Whether it is good or bad it has a purpose to stretch you, grow you, help you to evolve and increase your faith and relationship with Him.  The more you lean on Jesus for your weaknesses, mistakes, doubts and fears, the more He will advocate on your behalf and answer your prayers.  Trust your life to the Lord.  Trust Him at every turn.  It is a daily choice.  Understand and know that there will never be a point in this life where you will be without challenge or trouble.

Psalm 34:19

19 The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all.


This scripture alone should cause you to rejoice because it is a promise that He will fulfill.  Expect His promise to be made perfect in your situation.  Expect God to deliver you from all your troubles.  The Word says, ALL!!!



Prayer is a communication that helps you connect more easily to the things that you need.

Step in faith and know that God will never give you anything that will harm you.

Therefore you can expect His best for your life and begin to prepare by moving in action towards that answered prayer. Preparation is the stepping stone for miracles. So begin preparing for the miracles that you absolutely need to see to get to the next level of your life.



Sincerely Yours,



Tracey-Acadia Thomas

Founder, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

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