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God Brought Me to Israel

Last year, during a church service two lovely, young men from Tennessee spoke of a trip they organize every year to Israel, to help the Jewish farmers. I thought to myself, that sounds interesting, but then I put it aside. Later that week, I was sharing the information about Israel with a friend on the phone and I began to cry. I was totally confused. I had never wanted to go to Israel; it was not on my bucket list, but something in my heart was stirring to be part of this journey that was built around a prophecy from the Bible; “People will come from all the lands to help revitalize Israel”. That struck my heart and spoke to me, so with that stirring in my heart I went ahead and booked my flight and sent my money into the HaYovel organization for a 6 week stay.

Blind faith caused me to put this process into action even though the finances were not there; I just trusted God. A few days later, my cousin Randy, spoke of when he had helped his father settle a legal issue a few years earlier. His father was so grateful that he wanted to pay it forward and give his son $5,000 to give to anyone he felt needed it. Randy placed the money in the bank and forgot about it. During a prayer session Randy was speaking to God and the message came through that he was to give me $3,500 of the money received. This was such a blessing to me for the amount defined was the total cost of my trip, which further spoke to me that this trip was God’s directive for my life.

The trip was interesting and very moving as one travels on the paths that Jesus once stepped and the sight of the land’s rejuvenation speaks to your heart. I met many Christian people who came from all over the world to serve the Lord and make their contribution. We harvested 438 tons of grapes to assist the farms in this land that was providing a 3-fold harvest this year, for the coming year would be the time of rest for the land. To touch this luscious fruit that was pouring forth from the healthy vines was so joyful and satisfying. To know I was doing God’s work and being blessed by all the teaching I received was a true honour.

On my return from this life-changing experience, I joined a church in Aurora, attend a Bible study group and underwent adult baptismal. The need for all these changes was so strong in me, because I wanted a close relationship with God and I began seeking Him in all that I did. Not long after this transformation in my life, I found a Godly business that helps women change their skin while changing their lives. I continue to be guided by God to step out and help women become leaders in their communities and aid their families to reach new financial abundance. I have found customers and fellow team players in this new business that seems to flow to me while bringing me great joy to serve and lift people up. I know my life is on a whole new path and God is guiding me every step of the way.

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