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Financial Fitness Moment!

Another year is drawing to a close, and before you know it Christmas will come knocking. So, what comes to mind when you think of Christmas? I think of it as a time for “Celebration” and “Gift-giving!” Most people start to dread shopping for that “special gift” for each of their loved ones. Now-a-days it is so hard to think about what to give/shop for your family. Your children are so picky – so it’s challenging to have to keep up with the social, fashion, and economical trends; or you are wary of giving that gift that your favourite auntie, uncle, grandma, or grandpa may already have or not really appreciate.

How about giving that “special gift that keeps on giving?” Hold on, hold on - I am not talking about that gift that your loved ones will disdain and re-wrap for another occasion (LOL, LOL – Laugh Out Loud). I am speaking of a gift that transcends time, age, gender – it’s so valuable, priceless! A gift that will create and leave a legacy for generations that will come and go!

Give the gift of Financial Education - to get you and your family’s financial health into tip top shape! We will invest in you and your family the Financial Education and Knowledge that keeps on giving back!

Give the gift of savings for those emergencies that will come when you least expect; an investment plan that will give you certain guarantees and secure your finances from the volatilities of the market; help you as a First Time Home Buyer, purchase your home in 90 to 120 days – without having to wait years to save up for your down payment; a post-secondary education saving plan, so that your children do not have to come out of school and owe the government thousands of dollars - well into their mid-life years; pay off your mortgage in half the time without changing your current lifestyle or making accelerated/extra payments through our value-added mortgage solutions; a protection plan to secure your assets, income, estate from inflation and taxation; debt consolidation solutions that will reduce the amount of money you are using to service debt; increase your child tax benefits – even if you make a high income; a solid retirement plan that will grant you a lifestyle of dignity and enjoyment…and so much more!

Don’t neglect or put off improving your Financial Health today for tomorrow! Make a change this season from the strain and stress of gift giving; by giving a gift that is meaningful and long-lasting!

Get into financial shape this season – it’s just one phone call or click away!

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