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Overcoming Life's Challenges

No matter who you are or what stage you are in your life, everyone will experience some type of challenge multiple times within their lifetime. Trials and tests will come to help develop the person you are today into the person God intends for you to become. So no matter how big or how small your situation is right now, the Bible says to count it all joy.

You may be going through financial hardships or you may be dealing with an addiction that is taking away your joy for life. Perhaps you are in an abusive relationship and you just don’t know or have the courage to break free. No matter what the situation is that you’re facing, you were created to be an overcomer. God loves you! God wants you to have a good life, a life full of hope, joy, and peace. You may not know at this moment how to deal with those things that have been dragging you down, but give it over to God, starting today. Let Him help you. He will give you the answers you need to break through that challenge you are facing.

It is time to start seeing yourself as an overcomer!

You are not meant to live a weak, negative life. You were created to be an overcomer. That dream you have within your heart to pursue is the very thing that God has called you to do. Stop allowing life’s challenges to keep you from attaining your destiny. Stop rehearsing the negative outcome of your situation. The more you focus on the negative, the more negative you will see things. When your mind is able to see the positive result of your situation, that image will manifest itself into reality. Whatever you rehearse in your mind and whatever picture you see in your thoughts is exactly what you will receive.

I challenge you today to take some time to visualize your positive outcome. See it and believe it. No matter what life throws your way, believe the best for your life. Take that positive image in your mind and, through faith, take action to make that image a reality. Then watch God miraculously change the position of your circumstances.

You have power on the inside of you. Start seeing yourself as a person who has control over what you visualize and rehearse in your mind and watch those positive things show up to give you the life you truly desire. You are an overcomer!

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