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Begin To See Yourself…. Stepping Into God's Plan For Your Life

It is not as hard as some may think, visualizing the things GOD is calling you to. If you can see it –you CAN achieve it!

Every desire planted within you that is connected to your gifts and talents has everything to do with God’s plan for your life. But sometimes we allow fear, lack of confidence or even negative talk by others to discourage, distract or even kill the seed God has planted on the inside.

We all need to get to a place where you are constantly focused on seeing yourself doing the things your heart desires. It is time to get up, step out and start putting things into action. Stop blaming your circumstances. Stop waiting on someone else to do what God is waiting for you to do. Stop listening to the LIE that you need to WAIT!!!

  1. Get before the Lord in prayer and ask Him to confirm to you about your gifts and desires.

  2. Start a notebook or create a binder and write down your hearts desires. Make a list of the things you want to do.

  3. In detail, write out every aspect of your dream and be as specific as possible.

  4. Start making a plan and create daily goals to move you closer to fulfilling what needs to be done.

  5. Spend time visualizing yourself completing the end result. See yourself doing the desired job, owning the desired object, fulfilling the desired outcome. Do this as often as possible.

  6. If you are able, take the necessary steps to go out and start inquiring about what you want as if you already have it, as though it is already in your possession.

It is important to understand that your current circumstance does not dictate your choice of reality. We all have the choice to accept the things that we want. Believe that what you want or do not have right now you can have it. Just believe! If it is an unwavering desire chances are it has everything to do what you are meant to complete here on earth. So, take that step of faith and begin to see yourself accomplishing what you need to step into God’s plan for your life.

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