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Coffee and Cheesecake is empowering Toronto Women!

Being a successful, strong and happy female entrepreneur can be an act to juggle, as it can feel at times as if there is no one you can relate or communicate to. Thankfully Paula Paterson, founder of CoffeeandCheesecake crafted a quality platform specifically for women to grow, connect, network and advance their businesses.

Included in this Directory are businesses that Paula has carefully analyzed and picked whom’s self made bosses have an immense amount of professionalism, drive, motivation and dedication that are rapidly bringing their business to the top. Included in the Directory are women of all different fields — from fashion, to beauty, home decoration, catering services, photographers, travel, finances and so much more. As the Directory has quality, hand picked personals, having your business promoted on the Directory is an unique and fantastic way to get your name out there, receive and give support to fellow women entrepreneurs and discover new businesses. In addition, CoffeeandCheesecake has partnered with to combine full efforts in the publicity and advertisement of the Directory, photoshoots and other exciting projects will be in full effect to build the brand.

CoffeeandCheesecake started their outstanding movement as of March 2013 and has quiet rapidly built a large support following from thousands of women around the world with delicate process of hand selecting and further empowering women entrepreneurs who continuously push themselves and inspire, push boundaries and work tirelessly day to day to achieve success.

If you are serious about your craft and believe you qualify to be apart of CoffeeandCheesecake’s prestigious list of clientele, please contact Paula Paterson at the following:


CoffeeandCheesecake (at) hotmail (dot)(com)

To learn more about CoffeeandCheesecake be sure to check out:

Facebook: (CoffeeandCheesecake) (@CoffeeandCheesecake)

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