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Soulful Image Magazine joins the Essence of Mind Outreach Program in recognition of  Black History m

"Black Trauma" aims to encourage the conversation of mental illness in the black community and for those who have experienced trauma to find the courage to find their voice and re-gain their power.

Here in Toronto, Canada, in February 2018 we celebrate Black History month with a diverse number of events and celebrations to honor the history of our black culture. Specifically the Essence of Mind Outreach Program is an organization that provides families and individuals with essential support to getting treatment regarding a mental illness. They seek to raise awareness and funds to help improve their programs as well as to help to close the financial gap with their clients. The Essence of Mind Program helps to educate those who suffer in silence in the dark with this disorder. Their aim is to show that there is hope and help to be healed and renewed while living a very well balanced life.

The event for which we are promoting in recognition of Black History month is entitled “Black Trauma” and Essence of Mind outreach will be hosting on February 17 from 10am-4pm at the Toronto Plaza Hotel. This event will feature a courageous panel of lived experienced speakers as well as medical experts as we discuss the trauma of our journey and the relevance to our lives today. The event will feature various entertainment, and raffles.

Let’s come together to support and encourage conversations of mental illness in our communities giving people the courage to find their voice and re-gain their power. Let us all step forward in healing as well as forgiveness so that you can find hope and freedom.

The event features a Presentation-“Trauma in the Black Community: Toward Resiliency and Recovery” by Deanne Edwards Ed.D (Cand),M.ED., C. Psych. Associate and Sharon Barrett, MSW,RSW. Panel Discussion: “Don’t Let any Trauma take away your Power” with Guest Speakers and Medical Experts Panel: Keith Cunningham, MSc., RP (East Metro Youth Services), Jemila Jackson, MSW , Deanne Edwards Ed.D (Cand),M.ED., C. Psych. Associate (Deanne Edwards Psychology Services) and Sharon Barrett, MSW, RSW (Deep Blue Counselling and Mental Wellness services). Also special presentation by: What is Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and how do we reverse the curse.” by Dewitt Lee III-Co-Founder of Emancipation Month

As we express our gratitude in advance for your anticipated support, thank you for helping to end the stigma of mental health!

For more information about the Essence of Mind Outreach Program go to

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