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Come join in on the inspiration and celebration! On Sunday, February 18, 2018 at the prestigious "Scarboro Golf and Country Club, you will enjoy a gourmet lunch prepared by an award winning chef, opportunity to network with women of influence, be treated to some extraordinary entertainment and have a chance to win fabulous door prizes. The prestigious "Scarboro Golf and Country Club," is a venue that encapsulates the essence of elegance, striking just the right atmosphere for our guests. It is an afternoon, that will be definitely empower you! This Women’s Leadership Luncheon will bring women from the Medical, Legal and Entertainment world together, particularly for the youths, to hear stories from powerful, strong, fearless and incredibly successful women. The goal is to uplift, inspire and encourage women to be fearless, with tenacity, standing strong as they take their own journey to achieve their goals and aspirations; letting them know they do not have to lose themselves and their voices in this process.

Dr. Winsome Smith, Doctor of Dental Surgery and for 17 years the first & only Black, female paediatric dentist in Canada. She was also the first Black Chair of Humber College’s Board of Directors.

Honourable Espinet, Thora H is one of the first black women lawyers in Ontario.

Author Dotty Nicholas, RN takes pride in being a servant of the community, working relentlessly in the pursuit of a cure for the Sickle Cell Disease and its derivatives. She is also the founder of the Dotty Nicholas Scholarship Fund.

Jill Andrew is the Co-founder of Body Confidence Canada and is constantly advocating against appearance-based discrimination.

Come hear stories from these incredibly strong, courageous and successful women; you will be uplifted and inspired!

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