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3rd Annual Inspirational Queens Rising Together Event & Awards to Celebrate Fabulous Women in To

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Women, food, entertainment and fun! What more can you expect from this year's 3rd Annual Inspirational Queen's Rising Together Event & Awards! Founder of Love INCS Dianna Jerry and Soulful Image Magazine's founder and publisher, Tracey-Acadia Thomas, has found a formula that works.

"Women who support women is always a beautiful thing!" says Tracey-Acadia Thomas who began featuring 10 Inspirational Women in their faith lifestyle magazine last year. "The response was incredible. We were sold out days before the event," she says excitedly. "My heart has always been to celebrate, uplift, encourage and inspire other women who work hard at being a mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, or community leader. I spend a lot of time talking to different women in the community and they all tell me the same thing. They are tired, burnt out, feel isolated and alone and most times they do not feel appreciated."

Dianna Jerry feels the same way. This single mother of 5, lost her mom at a young age and had to do life on her own terms trying to balance being a mom and entrepreneur.

"I started my company Love INCS which is Love In a New Concept of Self which provides workshops and events that help women learn how to love themselves in holistic ways. After being in an abusive relationship, it made me understand some of the traumas women go through. So I created an event called Queen For A Day which was created to help pamper, empower and inspire queens in the community," says Dianna Jerry.

The Queens Rising Together Awards was a spin-off of Queen For A Day which recognizes rising Queens, Trailblazers, Influencers and Community Leaders in the Toronto area who are empowering and inspiring other women to be their best and live their dreams.

Over 50 women were nominated this year including names like Elaine Robinson of the G.H.E.T.T.O Stories, Member of Parliament Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Sickle Cell Scholarship founder Dotty Nicholas, and Founder of TeamSynerG Audrey Hlembizky just to name a few.

There are a few surprises planned for this particular event. Including a group photo shoot and other wonderful nuggets.

Take advantage of the introductory special Easter prices giving $10 off Good Friday to Easter Monday on regular and VIP tickets. It's going to be a special day to remember. You don't want to miss this. For more information go to or private message Dianna Jerry or Tracey-Acadia Thomas on facebook.

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