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Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Here are some benefits of fasting.

Stepping up with God in fasting and prayer brings a blessing in our lives. Many people have given testimony to these benefits. It is a step into a greater obedience of God and it is a means of receiving God's grace. It draws us closer to God. Many find their zeal or passion for God increases when fasting weekly. It helps to breaks down roots of bitterness that keep us in bondage and give the devil a place in our lives. It gives us discipline in other areas of our lives as well. Most people find as they submit to God in this area, it becomes easier to obey God in the other areas of their life. Strongholds are broken through this discipline. It will even break down strongholds in the lives of those we fast and pray for.

Some people have shared that since fasting with prayer a day each week, they have seen God work more than ever before! Praise God! And God will reward you for it, as you do it for Him and not for the approval of others (Matthew 6). It increases God's power in our lives, and brings a softer heart towards God. It can aid in freeing us from bondage, even pornography. There are multiple testimonies of people who have tried many things and did not overcome their addictions without adding fasting with prayer. It makes us more attune to the Holy Spirit's leading, allowing us to make wiser decisions which result in blessings long term

Typically it increases compassion and God's heart for others. It also softens our heart toward God's will. Individuals have shared how after fasting a meal or more, obeying God has become easier for them. Many people choose to fast also before making important decisions. Some of these people have made the opposite decision from what they planned after fasting. And it turned out to be by far the better decision in the end. Praise God!

Jesus fasted before He began His public ministry of healing, preaching and performing miracles. It leads to a humbleness of heart which God can work through to help others.

God tends to respond to people who pray and fast. A manifest Presence of God comes with humility in prayer and fasting. And that is what we want in our nation, schools, churches, families and our own lives! Regular fasting with prayer brings a discipline in our lives that transfers to other areas. It brings a grace of God that is powerful and a blessing.

Jesus said that the Father rewards you for these acts of righteousness: prayer, fasting and giving to the needy. There is a reward that comes straight from the Father to you as you do it. Some people notice the reward or answer comes during the fasting and prayer time. Some people notice the reward or answer come from God after. But there is an increased grace of God in our lives as we do it regularly.

Some believers share the testimony that every time God has called them (to ministry/service), it was during a time of prayer and fasting. Some give testimony that as soon as they begin fasting, they hear God's voice a lot stronger. Fasting with prayer opens doors through God's power, and in many families, has brought reconciliation, peace and the power of God that was needed. It also is a way of standing in the gap on behalf of our nation. Jesus Christ is the only way to life and peace! ​ Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

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