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Celebrate International Mens Day on November 19, 2018!!!

International Men's Day 2018 is Sunday November 18 at Rose Garden Banquet Hall 6628 Finch Ave West, Etobicoke. This year 83 countries will be observing IMD and it continues to cross many barriers and will be celebrated by boys, girls, men and women of different ethnicities, ages, religions and barriers. Canada is the 82nd nation to join the IMD Union in 2017. Individuals, organizations and institutions are being asked to embark upon a collaborative journey to promote positive images of boys and men; celebrate the positive role models who are in our midst; and work to eradicate the plethora of negative male stereotypes and mixed signals about masculinity and the roles and responsibilities of men that permeate our society. Proceeds will benefit several grass roots organizations supporting Men and Boys. Keynote speaker and IMD Founder, Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh will speak. Tickets are $70 or $650 for a table of 10. Go to

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