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A Recap of The Global ChangeMaker Series!!!

Let’s RECAP....What Happened at The Global ChangeMaker Series™

We were right, Toronto is a city full of CHANGEMAKERS.

On December 13th, 2018 - together with 400 people we embarked on a the world launch of The Global ChangeMaker Series™ at The GlenGould Studio CBC in Toronto....

On November 1, 2018, WE - myself and my CoCreatrors Marcos Mendosaand Nitasha Sarin introduced the city of Toronto an opportunity that would act as a catalyst for global impact and change.

Collectively we gathered resources and support from the community, sponsors, affiliates and charitable partners to produce an experience that would lead to a platform to Speak, Serve & Shine. As you know, the resources you choose are sourced as the value that can help you produce any initiative that you choose to pursue. In our case - this event would not have been as special as it was if it weren't for all those mentioned below.

OUR WHY We had found a hole in society - one that focuses too much of its attention towards the SELF, and instant gratification, as such we wanted to create a platform for Humanity - one that allows people to share their messages towards EMPATHY and the betterment and positive progression of society, based on the inspiration of the original Global Changemakers, such as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Princess Diana to name a few.

THE 6-WEEK LEARNING JOURNEY In order to achieve this mission that we have set out on, we created a unique curriculum that would teach these Changemakers the various lessons that would help them prepare to step on stage and deliver with prowess, intention, and belief in themselves to take on the responsibility of pursuing their dreams, goals, and aspirations to serve the world.

Throughout the journey, 23 participants learned the Art & Science of Leadership and Influence to create their Social Impact Movements. They received hybrid education involving online training, personalized coaching, access to a workshop, and exclusive judging from our keynote judge, Mindvalley University Author & Speaker Academy Founder, Eric Edmeades.

The morning of December 13th, 10 finalists were chosen to Speak, Serve & Shine on their Platform to Soar!

THE EXPERIENCE It was packed house - a Live audience of 400, filled with community, affiliate partners, investors, family & friends all backing with love and power. We had 6 weeks to produce this experience and enroll all these guests into acting as a source of integral support for these Changemakers. If you have ever set a goal so massive and relied on personal initiative, faith, and ambition, then perhaps you could understand the incredible grit involved in producing something of this magnitude.

OPENING CEREMONY Inspired by the Original Global Changemakers: as our opening ceremony began, our audience was inspired by the symbolism of a video that produced and the rest is history in the making.

THE JUDGES The judges playfully & humbly fell into their roles as a team of leaders to guide and advise each participant. They came to their final decisions by deciding on the three winners that would now go on to receive special prizes that will help them catapult their initiatives and create the change that they wish to see in the world. - thank you Eric Edmeades, Andrea Reindl , Rina Rovinelli, Jagger S Gordon, Julian Brass, and James K Erdt.

THE PARTICIPANTS To all the participants who showed up, took a stand for Humanity with their messages, and got up on stage regardless of fear presenting their social impact movements with passion, purpose and determination ~ hats off have just made history as the very first cohort of Global Changemakers... Congrats to you all, and to the experience winners:

2nd Runner Up: Aseel Elbaba

Aseel has started a movement to end Social Isolation starting by connecting our seniors and youth with her er movement S.A.Y.W.HA.T - Senior and Youth Will Harness Abundance Together.

1st Runner Up: Tara Geraghty-Ellis

Tara has created an innovative solution to the massive unemployment faced by people with disabilities in Canada and Worldwide.

1st Place Global ChangeMaker Series™ Winner: Warren Falkenstein Warren has committed himself to creating a solution for patients with chronic illnesses to ensure they receive ongoing support and have access to national funding for alternative medicine treatments.

GRAND FINALE With that said, the event was a success. The room filled with a celebratory impromptu dance party - as all were winners that evening.

Now it’s time to step it up and send ripples of impact and intention throughout our global communities.

OUR SPONSORS & AFFILIATE PARTNERS The light and blessings showered from afar from our Mindvalley family - Ajit Nawalkha ,Neeta Bhushan &Vishen Lakhiani, Toronto MCTBrent McCord & our local to global loves Ralf Madi Andrew Christoforou & Scott Levine!

We could not have done this without you. THANK YOU. To our Incredible volunteer team, and to our Charitable partners Artbound led by Dana Shalit, to our media coach Gillian Mandich ~ we can’t thank you enough.

THE TEAMS Team India - the lovely Priyanka Bairathi & Himanshu Jakhar and the rest working day and night!

And last but not least,

Team Toronto - including the magical Ghazaleh GG Ghasemi, Shannon Fraser, David Pineo, and Rhea Anne who kept us all together behind the scenes, and the blood, sweat, tears, joy and laughter experienced with my incredible CoCreators Marcos Mendosa & Empowered360 - I am so proud of you all and honored to have created this with you!

~ We supported dreams upon dreams for the betterment of society ~ the rippling affect this will have on the world overall is priceless, and we’re only just beginning!


More videos, photos and plans for 2019 .. will be shared the rest of this month!

The Global Changemakers Series is infact going Global, as we build pockets of Social Impact Leaders around the world. I’ve already received calls from London, Milan, Berlin ... and guess what Toronto? We’re already working on round 2 for you!

For launch info, and to apply for 2019 visit us here:

In the meantime, Sending Much Love & Wellness ...Happiness & Fun to you and your families over the holidays!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Global ChangeMaker Series™ Powered by: The StartUp Boutique inc, Global Life Group Inc, Mindvalley Toronto, Empowered360

Engage with this post if you’d like to receive the full version of The Global ChangeMaker Series Video and Anthem ✨

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