A Bright Star Poem

God you heard our cry and with sound of our voices and the tears from our eyes you sent us a signal a bright star from the sky a baby is to be born from the womb of a virgin lady

I heard your voice and In amazement received a signal from that bright star in the sky it was brighter than anything I’ve seen before it grab a hold of my Curiosity and a feeling came over me, trembling filled up my entire body and I cried out and said God help me and guide me along my journey

I set my self on this journey but my feet and body began to hurt me weary was my mind but that bright star gave me a peace of mind and the feeling of happiness and joy filled up my entire insides to know that our Lord and saviour is close by

Behold my eyes have seen this bright star a beautiful baby in the arms of that special lady in a place that was not meant for a baby a gift was given unto the world on this day it will forever be remembered as your Birthday ( baby Jesus is his name)

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