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The Premiere of The Blessing Toronto

Ayanna Solomon founder of Jesus in the City led this collaboration of Gospel Artists and Worship Leaders singing a cover of the original gospel song 'The Blessing' written by Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe and Elevation Worship.

THE BLESSING | TORONTO is a virtual collaboration of 70 Toronto Gospel Artists, Worship Leaders and Music Directors from across the city proclaiming a blessing over Toronto and cities around the world.

The vocal ARTISTS and musicians consists of : Aileen Matta, Alex Rho, Aliston Lwamba, Amber Shurr, Anand Samuel, Ann Marie Stern-Williams, Arpan Samuel, Arun John Masih, Ayanna Solomon, Brooke Nicholls, Caleen Howard, Caroline Dinnall, Colvin Chambers, Dave Brown, Dawson Phillips, Diane Clemons, Dom Nti Shepherd Dom, Elizabeth Ann Mathai, Esteban Carvallo, Bishop Fabian Lwamba, Hiram Joseph, Jackie Benford, Jennifer Lewin, Jody Cross, Joel S Chambers, Jonathan Clarke, Joseph Samuel, Karen Burke, Katrina Cherys Martinez, Kay Morris, Kellen Jones, Ken Michell, Kevin Adams, Kiara Stewart, Kim Adegboruwa, Leah-Rochelle Samuels, Londa Larmond, Lori-Ann Nicole Smith, Lynda Lariviere, Mark Masri, Marlene O'Neill, Marsha A. Robinson, Marsha Wagner, Marvia Providence, Matthew McIntosh, Michael Manhertz, Michel Lwamba, Michelle Adams, Nicole Sinclair, Nordene Simon, O'Neil Watson, Otis Williams, Pat Russell, Patricia Shirley Sings, Quisha Wint, Renee Rowe, Richard J. Brown, Roxanne Robinson, Ruth Dente, Ryan Robinson, Samuel Williams, Shannon Lawrence, Sharon Riley, Shennel Edwards, Sherry-Ann Campbell, Shirley Simpson, Stephen H. Lewis, Susan Park, Teighlor Thompson, Trevor Dick, Yemisi Ogunjimi

Subscribe to Jesus in the City on YouTube to watch the video and upcoming premiere notifications of events and more. #TheBlessingToronto #MoreBlessings #Jesusinthecity

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