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Meditation Movement Echoing A Difference, Taking action for a Cleaner Planet

Environmental Meditation Movement Kicks Off to Clean Up Cities Around the World

A Mississauga based global meditation movement is raising awareness for taking better care of our Planet by facilitating Echo Movement Global Clean-Ups.

Every Sunday of each month, dedicated volunteers gather in small groups and clean up Mother Nature in their communities.

They encourage others all around the globe, to also come together while social distancing to clean their neighbourhoods, raise awareness and lead by example. Get some gloves, recycle bags and picker-upper sticks and clean it up wherever you are!

They go Live on Facebook and other social media throughout the day as they clean their communities. Participants are requested to take pics and videos cleaning up and post them on all social media with the hashtag #echomovementglobalcleanup.

The next Echo Movement Global Cleanup will be held on Sunday, August 30th. For more information search for more info on Facebook or

They also have begun the Echo Movement Global Cleanup Challenge. This challenge is similar to the “Ice Bucket Challenge” which was very successful in raising awareness for MLS. All you have to do is pick up litter and take a pic, record a video or go LIVE cleaning it up and post them on all social media with the hashtag #echomovementglobalcleanupchallenge and challenge others to do one too. It is also a great opportunity to discuss any tips or alternatives for collectively making a positive difference in the Environment, such as the elimination of single-use plastics, etc.

“How we as Human Beings treat this wonderful Planet is the most important thing for our continued existence here for the next generations to come. For too long we have treated the Earth like a disease treats our body. It is time for Humanity to go into remission, and I believe it is already happening as we speak.

The intentions behind these cleanups and challenges are to lead by example, raise awareness of how we all individually can do our part each and every day. To be mindful of our actions which affect the environment and to shift the energy to a space of ALL Humanity living harmoniously with the Earth.

Last but not least…have fun! We make a party of it every time.” Says Founder, Wayne Mouland.

Donations to support this movement can be made at Donate on Facebook. Sponsorship packages are available for Companies, Organizations and Corporations who share these values.

For more information on Echo Movement you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and


About Echo Movement:

Echo Movement is a meditation/humanitarian movement created to raise awareness of the benefits of meditation, facilitate mass group synchronized meditations and cleanups, all to shift the energy to a space of ALL Humanity living in harmony with Mother Nature. Echo Movement also serves the community collaborating with other Charities and Non-profit organizations such as Million Dollar Smiles, Feed It Forward and the Scott Mission to name a few. We at Echo Movement believe that peace on Earth, prosperity and joy for all of humanity is becoming a reality. One person can make a difference, and together we can make a change. Echo the change you wish to see in this World.

Contact: Wayne Mouland


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