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Happy 20/10 Anniversary to our founders!

We rejoice in the Lord today as Allister Thomas and Tracey-Acadia Thomas celebrate a milestone event!

They are celebrating their 20/10 in 2020!!!

20 years of love, laughter, joy, grace, friendship, intimacy, 2 beautiful boys and a life of purpose and meaningful memories with lots more to come.

10 years of a rock solid committed Godly marriage. He is her Adam and she is his Eve.

Redeemed by the free gift of Jesus Christ as we are one in this lifetime.

They are forever a beautiful example of God's love as they embark on their life's journey to fulfill God's plan for their family and more.

To God Be The Glory! Can't wait to see what else God has for them and the many new milestones ahead!

Congratulations to the Power Couple!!!

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