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7 Prayers for Loneliness for When You Feel Unseen

Have you felt lost? A prayer for loneliness can bring peace and comfort. No matter the reason we feel lonely, going to God in prayer is the best way to remember we are not alone.

Have you experienced a time of feeling lonely? Even when we are in a crowd of people, loneliness may surround us. Have you felt like no one sees or hears you? Have you felt lost? A prayer for loneliness can bring peace and comfort. No matter the reason we feel lonely, going to God in prayer is the best way to remember we are not alone. Jesus prayed to His Father, knowing God was listening. Sharing time with the Father, telling Him about our loneliness, and asking Him to take away that feeling will bring us to a closer relationship with God.

There are different reasons for feeling lonely. Perhaps you are away from loved ones due to illness, relationship struggles, or distance. Whatever the reason, reading Scripture and going to God in prayer gives us the opportunity to feel connected again.

Turn off the noise around you. Focus on God. Go to Him in prayer. He is waiting to comfort you.

What Does the Bible Say about Loneliness?

Scripture tells us to be strong and courageous (Deuteronomy 31:6). The verse shares how God goes with us and will never leave or forsake us. When we are lonely, reading His Word can remind us of His promises. We are never alone. No problem, no situation, no worry, is ours to handle on our own. God is always with us. He is our comfort.

What Should Christians Do When They Feel Lonely?

When Christians feel lonely, the first action should be to go to God in prayer. Acknowledge your loneliness. God knows your heart. Share your feelings of loneliness with Him. Ask God to help you through this loneliness and thank Him for His love and comfort. Another important action may be to share your thoughts with a friend who is a believer. Seek help from a counselor, if needed.

In all circumstances, give thanks to God. Thank God for being able to go to Him in prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Why Does God Allow Loneliness?

The question is asked, and we wait for an answer. “God, why are You allowing me to be lonely?” There may be an answer provided, or not. During a time of loneliness, we can learn valuable lessons. God can teach us how to help ourselves and others by the things we experience in life. As we navigate through a lonely period, we learn how to lean on God for comfort and peace. We can ask God to guide us through loneliness and allow us to help others in their loneliness. Every moment in life is an opportunity to lean closer to Him.

Prayer Asking God for Help When the Reason for Loneliness Is Unknown

Father, I am lonely today. I’m not really sure where this feeling is coming from. I have tried to share my feelings with friends, but I feel like they don’t see or hear me. I have many great things happening in my life. You give me so many wonderful blessings and joys. Please hold me in Your loving arms. Help me to remember I am not alone and that You are always with me. Help me to shine Your love and light in all my words and actions. Thank You, Father, Amen.

Prayer for a Friend Who Is Lonely and Feels Unseen

Dear God, my friend is lonely. I have tried to provide comfort, but they say the loneliness is bringing them to a place of despair. They tell me that no one sees them; no one listens or tries to understand. Help me to be a beacon of light and to share Your love and glory. Please comfort my friend. Take their loneliness away and give them a happy spirit. Help them to know You see them. Please guide my friend to ask for help when needed. Thank You, Father, Amen.

Prayer for Remembering You Are Not Alone

Heavenly Father, I need You. I feel like no one understands what I am going through. I feel alone and unseen. My heart aches and I am filled with sadness. I am coming to You, dear Father, asking for Your comfort. I am praying for You to remind me that I am not alone. You see me. Even if I feel like no one else sees me or listens to me, I know You are with me. You are listening to my every thought, my every word. Fill me with Your presence and remind me that I am never alone. In the name of Your Son, Amen.

Prayer for When You Are Grieving and Feel Lonely

Father, I feel so alone. I am grieving. In the beginning of my grief, I was surrounded by friends, family, and strangers. Time has moved on and although I am still grieving, the people have stopped checking on me. The cards, letters, phone calls, and visits have almost stopped. I still need support from others. I feel like they don’t see me anymore. I know they have their own lives to handle. But, God, I am lonely. Please heal my broken heart (Revelations 21:4). Please help me to remember to reach out to You. Remind me to go to You first. I pray I will have a compassionate heart if anyone needs comforting. Thank You for being with me during this grieving period. I love You. Amen.

Prayer for When Everyone around You Is Rejoicing and You Feel Alone

Dear God, I come to You with a heavy heart. Everyone around me is celebrating and filled with joy. Good things are happening, and they have reason to be happy. Yet, I am sad to say I feel left out and alone. I’m thankful for the good news my friends have shared. I hope that I have shown my friends how happy I am for them. I don’t want to make them sad or to feel like I don’t care. But, God, my life is not filled with good news at this moment. I feel lonely and lost. Please, Father, would You take this burden of loneliness away from me? Will You help me remember Your Words about joy coming in the morning (Psalms 30:5)? Thank You for loving me. I am thankful to be Your child. Amen.

Prayer for When You Feel Lonely during the Holidays

Father, I hear joyful holiday music on the radio. I see TV shows filled with happy families as they create special memories. I wish I was not alone. I’m thankful other people can be happy. I sit here alone and am beginning to feel sorry for myself. Your Word shares how we are never alone (Romans 8: 38-39). Please bring joy back to me. Scripture tells us that Jesus experienced every human emotion. Help me remember I am Your child, too. Father, help me to show Your love to others. Guide me in ways to lift others up during the holidays, so they will know Your love and glory. Please forgive me for my sins. I pray I will use this time of feeling loneliness to draw closer to You in each moment. Thank You, Father, Amen.

Prayer for Loneliness While Wearing a Mask during the Pandemic

Father, I come to you with worry and concern. The world is experiencing a pandemic. As health care professionals try to find a cure, the public is given instructions on how to proceed with daily life during a pandemic. We are asked to wear masks. Father, I am worried that I might miss the true feelings of someone who may be lonely and that I can’t see their facial expressions due to the mask they are wearing. I want everyone to know they are seen. Yet, I wonder how many people are hiding their true feelings behind the mask. Father, I look into the eyes of family, friends, and strangers and hope they are well. I miss seeing smiles and watching the changing facial expressions in joyful moments. I pray that people are not hiding their loneliness behind the mask. I pray everyone will share their feelings about loneliness. I pray everyone will know they can go to You and find comfort and peace. Please remind everyone to show Your love in all words and actions. Thank You, Father, Amen.

Prayers for loneliness for when you feel unseen are needed. God is always listening and waiting for us to go to Him in prayer. If you feel lonely, find peace in sharing a conversation with God. If you know someone who is lonely, reach out to them. Share your love for the Lord and give encouragement. Remember there are times when medical help may be needed. God has provided medical professionals with knowledge and wisdom to provide guidance.

Thank You, Lord, for loving us and providing comfort when we are lonely.


Award-winning author Melissa Henderson writes inspirational messages sometimes laced with a bit of humor. With stories in books, magazines, devotionals, and more, Melissa hopes to encourage readers. Melissa is the author of Licky the Lizard and Grumpy the Gator. Her passions are helping in the community and church. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon, and Stephen Minister. Follow Melissa on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and at

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