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Jesus In The City

Jesus In The City Parade & Festival is the largest annual Christian parade in Canada featuring Gospel music, singers, and performances.  It has recently expanded to Kingston Jamaica and St George's Grenada bringing faith-centered celebrations at the start of its worldwide celebrations.  This parade has featured some of the biggest local names in the Gospel scene in Toronto such as the Toronto Mass Choir, Krystaal, Londa Larmond, and more. The parade is held annually the first Saturday after Labour Day Weekend bringing participants from around the world from 10-30,000 people each year. 2018 marks their 18th year since they began.  Last year, SOULFUL IMAGE MAGAZINE published its first 2017 Jesus In The City Special Edition Issue with 10,000 copies distributed in Toronto, Jamaica, and Grenada.




Voices of the Nations -Voices of Victory

Voices of the Nations is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 to unite and promote diversity within the Christian Community by showcasing its mosaic of fine arts and music. We work with various cultural groups, organizations, multi-denominational churches, and artists to create events that worship Jesus and spread the Gospel to people residing in Toronto and other cities throughout Ontario through the art of music, drama, and dance.  Through music, dance, and community outreach events, we help transform and empower different nations within the communities. Every year Voices of the Nations hosts a city concert in the core of the city at Yonge & Dundas Square the same weekend as Caribana during the summer gathering crowds of 10-30,000 people in the square.  SOULFUL IMAGE MAGAZINE published its first 2017 VON Special Edition Issue with 5,000 copies distributed at its event.

CIFF- Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival

The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) is a division of A.C.T. Canada (Artists in Christian Testimony) which is a charitable not-for-profit organization.  Their mission is to showcase, promote, educate and encourage appreciation of faith, family and independent films. Every year at the CIFF Film Festival we  exhibit and celebrate the most outstanding faith and family content produced in every part of the world. Films are selected and nominated by a panel of judges on the basis of content, quality and originality.  Family films include children's fils, and films suitable for the entire family. In today's culture we don't all agree with what Hollywood produces for family viewing. CIFF supports and champions new films that are suitable for entertaining and uplifting family audiences around the world. The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival is one of the fastest growing segments of the international film festival markets, and the only one of its kind in Canada. Film lovers, industry professionals and media outlets will celebrate the best in new faith and family cinema from established and emerging filmmakers and talent. In our 5th year as a Film Festival and with a presence in over 22 countries, we are well on our way to being an international leader in the faith-based film & music culture.  Soulful Image Magazine is the official CIFF program designers since 2019 distributing over 20,000 issues in print and online for their events.


SOULFUL IMAGE is the up and coming premiere faith lifestyle magazine.  With its motivational message, spiritual content, engaging stories of trials to victory, and its refreshingly light-hearted pieces and colorful layout design, SOULFUL IMAGE is the sacred heart and spirit of today's faith-centered men and women.  SOULFUL IMAGE speaks directly to the spirit, heart, and minds of people of all walks of life providing spiritual editorial content designed to help enhance their lives personally, professionally, intellectually, and spiritually. 


Begin To See Yourself is the Staple Signature article of each issue of this magazine. It determines the theme or the message God gives to lead the issue. The purpose of this magazine is to transform and encourage each reader closer to the complete image of God -a person who is wonderfully and beautifully made to be a blessing on this earth doing good works for the glory of God. A Soulful Image is where we line up our Soul: Mind, Will, and Emotions to match the Image of God and His will for our lives. 


Sections such as Light in Your Soul, Feel Soulful, Look Soulful, Satisfy Your Soul, Soul Therapy, Mind Your Business, Search Your Soul, Inspire and Motivate, and Soulful Eats for eg focus on healthy living, self-development, faith geared entertainment, career, and entrepreneurship while creating intimate spiritual connections with its readers. 


We've covered stories about local men, women, and global celebrities who give testimonies about their life's trials and challenges and how their faith was instrumental in overcoming or the foundation of all of their success. Celebrities like Hollywood Producer DeVon Franklin, Vice Chairman & former coach of Toronto Argonaut's Pinball Clemons, Oprah's boyfriend Stedman Graham, and Chicken Soup for the Soul Author & International Speaker Jack Canfield have been featured or graced the cover of our magazine.  With our dedication to excellence and service, SOULFUL IMAGE MAGAZINE won the 2015 Woman on Fire Media Award, 2017 Junction Award of Excellence in the Advancement of Women, and recently nominated for the 2018 RBC Women of Influence Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award.  The publication has a circulation of 2,500+ and a readership of 50,000+ and growing in 4 short years.  Based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada our subscriptions range throughout Canada, within the states of New York, Florida, Georgia, and California in the U.S.A, England, South Africa, and the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Antigua, Grenada, and the British Virgin Islands.







SOULFULIMAGEMAG.COM is a source of inspiration, style, and spiritual content that feeds your lifestyle of faith and hope in your Creator with the aims of helping you live your own Soulful Image.  Providing articles, workshops, and events, serves as a place to be connected to in a spiritually driven community that reflects the intimate thoughts, values, and discussions of the SOULFUL IMAGE Brand.  As part of its ongoing content offerings, SOULFULIMAGEMAG.COM delivers engaging articles, event photo galleries, and an up and coming online community.

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